written by matt williams, at universe today, on january 6th, 2022

what: one of the biggest structures in the milky way has been found

when: study published november 2nd, 2021

who/where: jonas syed, a ph.d. student at the mpia

researchers from the university of vienna, the harvard-smithsonian center for astrophysics (cfa), the max planck institute for radio astronomy (mpifr), the university of calgary, the universität heidelberg, the centre for astrophysics and planetary science, the argelander-institute for astronomy, the indian institute of science, and nasa’s jet propulsion laboratory (jpl)

juan d. soler, an astrophysicist with the university of vienna and co-author on the paper

interesting fact: the structure is on the other side of the milky way, making it 55,000 light years away. 

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