written by northwestern university, on january 7th, 2022

what: a red supergiant exploding to form a massive supernova

when: discovery published january 6th, 2022

who/where: researchers at northwestern university and the university of california, berkeley (uc berkeley)

wynn jacobson-galán, the study’s lead author

co-authors include deanne coppejans, charlie kilpatrick, giacomo terreran, peter blanchard and lindsay demarchi, who are all members of northwestern’s center for interdisciplinary and exploratory research in astrophysics (ciera)

the university of hawaiʻi Institute for astronomypan-starrs on haleakala, maui

raffaella margutti, an adjunct associate professor at ciera and the paper’s senior author

vicky kalogera, the daniel i. linzer distinguished university professor of physics and astronomy at northwestern’s weinberg college of arts and sciences and director of ciera

interesting fact: the telescope captured a new found change that a star can go through right before turning into a supernova

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