written by jonathan o’callaghan, on february 3rd, 2022

what: a wandering black hole found outside of a galaxy

when: discovered january 31st, 2022

who/where: marina rejkuba from the european southern observatory in germany, a co-author on the paper

kareem el-badry from the harvard-smithsonian center for astrophysics, who was not involved in the paper

feryal özel from the university of arizona

kailash sahu from the space telescope science institute in baltimore, the lead author on the arxiv preprint detailing the object’s discovery

david bennett at nasa’s goddard space flight center, a co-author with sahu and others on the discovery paper

lukasz wyrzykowski from warsaw university, a co-author on this latest discovery paper who also hunts for rogue black holes with gaia

interesting fact: “weighing in at seven times the mass of our sun, the dark object is by far the best-yet candidate for a free flating stellar-mass black hole” (tidbit of info at the top of the article)

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